Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Warning. TMI

So. For those of you whom I know and am friends with-YOU WILL NOT SAY A WORD TO ANYONE.
But I just pulled my Mirena out. Tim and I have been talking about it a lot and we're getting impatient so I went into the bathroom, then reached in, grabbed the strings, and pulled it out. I didn't feel it coming out at all, the only way I knew it was out was because I was holding it. Literally didn't feel a thing. Tim's gonna shit a brick when he wakes up tomorrow and sees my IUD sitting on the bathroom counter (on a Kleenex). He's been joking about doing it himself for weeks but tonight he said he was too scared. And told me to do it. Or wait til we could get a doctor appt. Well. I got impatient and once something gets into my mind, I do it.
Don't get all excited yet, it could take MONTHS and more MONTHS before we get pregnant. And also we want to tell people when we're ready that we're trying. And I do still need to get a doctor and get all that set up. So don't say a word. BUT I'M SO EXCITED. But don't say anything. Except to me. CUZ I'M EXCITED. And incredibly stupid for taking it out myself. But still excited.

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