Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am a country girl.

I didn't grow up in the middle of NOWHERE, but it was a small town. Not as small as surrounding areas, but it wasn't big by far. I listen to country music and my dream is to have a huge plot of land and an old farmhouse smack in the middle of it. Tim wants a 'burro' and some goats and I want dogs and a clothesline and we want our kids to have dirt bikes and four wheelers and a barn to store them all in. When I hear songs about "old country roots" and whatever, I wish that I grew up in areas like that. I want my daughter to grow up with long blonde hair and cowboy boots, white cotton dresses, and know the inside of an old Chevy's engine. I hate the city. I don't even live in a CITY city, it's just like an overgrown town. But I hated having to go into the actual city, let alone a city the whole state is known for.

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