Monday, July 25, 2011

Got a new bunny!

We went out yesterday and got a new bunny. He's very different from Marcie. Obviously it's a boy, he's a different breed and older so he's a LOT bigger than she was, he's black and white...I haven't had him out much and so far he's not a big explorer, but when we got him they said they thought he might have a UTI which can be treated with a visit to the vet, but also we could try some cranberry juice diluted in his water. So we're gonna try that. But I was also thinking he might not be super exploratory because of the UTI. So. That might be it.

He wasn't a big fan of being moved out of his little cage at the store and he gave me a nice scratch across my entire right boob. And I know you don't really wanna hear this, but my boobs are big. So it's a long scratch. Looks a little bit like someone thought my boobs were fake and cut across the top of a boob to try to just grab out an implant. Because I know you're concerned, and very curious about my cleavage.

Anyway, new bunny's name is Pierre. He's a big boy and all of his stuff is pink from Marcie. So I didn't want it to be a very manly name. I asked lots of people for name ideas for a not-manly bunny and I got lots of great ideas. A friend was the one who came up with Pierre. She told me to actually look at french boy names, and then gave Pierre as an example. I'm going with it. =]

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