Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just White.

I don't have red hair or freckles, I'm not a vampire or dead or anything. But my skin...GLOWS in the dark. My skin is so white. How have satellites not picked me up because I reflect so much light I'M SO WHITE?

Last weekend we went out shooting. Well. The guys went shooting, I went 'watching' and 'sitting' and 'BURNING.' I told Tim before that I don't tan, I'm either pasty pathetic white, or I'm lobster red. There is no pretty pink, there's no golden tan. I have only two extremes. And right now, I have both. I burnt my thighs so bad it still hurts to touch them, 4 days later. I've used half a bottle of lotion on my burns. And some of the red is fading away and my skin is returning to white. My arms lost the red and are back to white. My feet are splotchy now because some of that burn is returning to white. Coolest chick ever? Me.
I'm all bone. I'm two-toned. Red as a newborn, white as a ghost.

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  1. So...what you're saying were made for Edward??