Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Texas is a VERY friendly state

I'm not an ugly girl. I'm not hideous. I'm not hugely fat, I don't have scars covering my face. But I'm not an overly beautiful person. Yet when I go outside to walk the dog, I get beeped at, whistled at...And I thought that living in El Paso and being so white (I don't tan well, I'm either ghostly white, or burnt) that I would be hit on by Mexicans. As racist as that sounds (but mostly by experience from back in NY). Yet as far as I can tell, the cars that go by with the individuals who are apparently looking at me, are white. I never got hit on back in NY by white guys. Well. Except a few of the guys in high school. That was YEARS ago. Why are white guys interested in me now? I'm married.
Hahahahaha which reminds me of I spent the evening at my in-laws. We were eating dinner and Tim's uncle was next to me and he moved his leg and his foot accidentally hit mine. I jokingly said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING I AM A MARRIED WOMAN!!" And everyone laughed. It was funny.

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  1. :) It's a nice ego boost. I've never really been hit on by white men, not even really in high school. But several times a month while I'm walking to the post office for work, I get hit on by black men. :/