Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reeses are amazing. End of story.

My ultimate favorite candy (or just favorite thing in the world in general) are Reeses peanut butter cups. I can eat them the minute I wake up, two seconds after I fill up on a meal, before bed, middle of the night. Anytime. Easter candy 50% off. Time to stock up. =]

Jordan is here. I have him 12 hours a day on the days I have him. His mom works 4 10 hour days. Max usually wakes up in the morning between 7 and 8:30am. Jordan gets dropped off around 1:30pm. Max's bedtime is 9pm. Jordan usually falls asleep shortly after, but I stay up until he gets picked up (at 1:30am) because he's not a great sleeper, I feel uncomfortable sleeping with him still here, and it's my only "me" time that I get. I use this time to watch my TV shows, play games online, read, have some ice cream (or of course, Reeses!), whatever. Jordan has a rule though, no sleeping over an hour at a time. He goes back to sleep after sucking on his bottle for about 10 seconds. He doesn't usually actually drink anything out of it, and I can't get him to actually drink any, hoping that if he's waking up because he's hungry that by having some of his bottle, he'll sleep a little longer.

Tomorrow I don't have Jordan, I do work (Kohl's-usually in the jewelry department, sometimes as a cashier) 10-2pm, and then Max comes home at 5pm from his dad's. Then we're going to my mom's for dinner. I try to take him over to see her at least once a week. We mostly have a good relationship...we've definitely had our moments, and even our years, but usually we get along fine now. Thankfully. It's important to have supportive parents, no matter how old you are.

I think this couch is lopsided. It's relatively new I think...Maybe a few years. Now that I think about it, it's got to be much older than that. Ten years maybe? Wow. That's a lot longer than a 'few.' Anyway, I think it sinks in where there's a butt because I kind of tip to one side when sitting in certain spots. My laptop is...on my lap...and the screen is way uneven. It's awkward. I'm trying to make my legs sit evenly for my computer and still have room for my arm to be able to type without restriction from the armrest. It's not working very well. Not happy.

As exciting as this has been for you, and I'm sure it has been, I've got to work on my other blog. Well. I still have to do the exercise before I can blog about it...

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